Transition Corporate Attire to Casual Wear

Out of pure desperation, I recently decided to give my closet an overhaul. I needed more closet space so I prepped myself to get rid of anything that hasn’t been worn in years. As I buckled down and began pulling each piece out, I couldn’t help but think, “Have I become a hoarder? I haven’t worn these pieces in years!” They have been collecting dust and occupying some much needed space.

Since my lifestyle has changed throughout the years, I decided that my corporate attire was going to be the first to go. Goodwill here I come! My closet had been divided in two for years. There was my work wear attire and then there was “everything else.” As I started pulling pieces, two things came to mind. First, they still fit, and second they are all classics. Why didn’t I look at them this way in the past? I had a new crush!  One by one I started pairing the pieces I pulled with jeans, leggings, sweaters, and voila! I had a new wardrobe without spending a dime!

Ladies, don’t get discouraged or depressed when you look in your closet and feel that you have nothing to wear for a night out or to a casual lunch with friends. Instead, take inventory of all your casual favorites and reinvent your wardrobe by pairing them with your corporate ones. My video here will show you how I reinvented three corporate pieces into three different looks that I would wear for day and night.

LOOK #1: Reinventing a Classic Ruffle Blouse
Image of YolI Rapp walking down the street wearing a black ruffle blouse paired with an army green pencil skirt

A classic ruffle blouse buttoned up with a pencil skirt looks polished.

Image of Yoli Rapp getting out of a black Tahoe wearing black sequin leggings and a black ruffled blouse

Rockin’ out the black ruffle by unbuttoning the blouse and pairing it with black sequin leggings.

LOOK #2: Reinventing the Navy Blazer
Image of Yoli Rapp walking up the stairs in a navy blazer and camel colored slacks

The navy and camel color combo will always be a corporate classic.

Image of Yoli Rapp leaning on a gate wearing a navy blazer paired with jeans and heels

Corporate blazer paired with distressed jeans never looked so chic.

LOOK #3: Reinventing a Silk Ivory Blouse
Image of Yoli Rapp wearing a silk ivory blouse, black skirt and black leggings

Incorporate a silk ivory blouse to add a luxurious look and feel to your corporate attire.

Image of Yoli Rapp casually dressed in a silk ivory blouse with black pants and boots

Paired with black jeans, the silk ivory blouse looks super hip.

Big Squeeze,

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