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Top Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

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What do you think of when you hear the words ‘coconut oil?’ Many people may think of cooking and their favorite recipe. The truth is, the benefits of coconut oil go way beyond the kitchen. This ingredient can be used for health purposes as well as beauty purposes nowadays. This reminder came knockin’ on my door when I recently purchased a jar of coconut oil and my mother reminded me how she used to use this as a deep conditioning treatment on me when I was a child. After weeks of incorporating this do-it-all ingredient into my morning and night routines, I noticed considerable improvements to my skin and hair. I now use this as a skin cream (particularly on my dry elbows), as a hair mask and as a makeup remover, and have been so impressed with the results, that I wanted to share my favorite uses with you. Here are some of the most surprising, but beneficial, ways to incorporate coconut oil into YOUR beauty routine!

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Not all conditioners contain coconut oil, but a majority of them do. So why not go straight to the source and replace your conditioner with coconut oil? Coconut oil has sort of a thick consistency and needs to be liquefied in order to use it as a conditioner. Don’t put the oil in the microwave, simply run the jar under warm water to loosen it up (coconut oil will turn to liquid after reaching at least 76°F. After shampooing your hair, simply add the coconut oil, allow it sit for five minutes and rinse. Once rinsed, you will see the improvements with your own eyes. You’ll notice you’ll have some extra shine, regrowth of damaged hair and your dry scalp will be left completely moisturized.

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Makeup Remover

If you’re anything like me, washing my face with a harsh chemical-based product just makes me cringe. With skin being the largest organ, it is important that we care for it properly. So try adding a softer alternative when removing makeup. Grab a teaspoon of liquefied coconut oil and wipe away your makeup. Once you’ve removed the makeup, simply wash your face with warm water. Just remember to use lukewarm water – when the water is too hot, it can dry and damage the skin.

Body Scrub

Did you know that it’s best to exfoliate at least once or twice per week? Exfoliating removes the outer most layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth and promoting a healthy glow. Save yourself some time and money by making your own coconut oil based body scrub.

The recipe is simple: Use equal parts of sugar to the coconut oil. Feel free to add more sugar if you desire a coarser scrub. Adding a dash of essential oil is a fun way to personalize the scrub and leave you looking and smelling beautiful.

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Shaving Cream

Put your shaving cream away and get ready to be impressed with how smooth and refreshed your legs will look after using coconut oil as a replacement to shaving cream. The natural nutrients that are packed in coconut oil help promote a close clean shave, leaving the skin hydrated. Your legs will thank you for a chemical free shave!

Cuticle Treatment

Living in NYC, the winters can be harsh on my skin and most importantly, my hands. If you also live in a cold climate, then this one is for you! Simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to your cuticles and gently massage. Coconut oil also fights infection so any small cuts or hangnails will be treated. Now your nails will be hydrated, healthier and of course, stronger!

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