Lazy Day Effortless Style

There are days when I just want to be straight up LAZY! Days when a face covered in makeup is not an option. When I don’t want to blow out my hair. When I just want to throw on something that is comfortable. Quick braids, nude lipstick, sunglasses, super soft tee, and comfy stretch jeans kind-of-days. When these lazy days strike, I always find myself walking out the door thinking, “Let’s hope I don’t bump into anyone I know!”

Today was one of those days and I felt compelled to write about it.  The weather in NYC is unusually mild for this time of the year. My husband, Michael, and I decide to run local errands and enjoy the weather. If there’s one thing you should know about New Yorkers, it’s that at the first glimpse of 65+ degree weather, everyone hits the streets… especially after dealing with the cold for months. As luck would have it, we bump into quite a few people we know, all of whom look at me from head to toe with comments such as:

“Yoli, you look so different.”

“I like you better au natural.”

“You should always dress like this.”

“Wow I’m so used to seeing you dressed up, I didn’t recognize you.”

“Your hair looks better in braids.”

“What the heck?! It made me realize that we, ladies, sometimes work so hard on planning our outfits, hair and makeup. The reality is all we really have to do sometimes is make little to no effort and just be comfortable in our own skin. That’s the true secret to STYLE!

This is one of my favorite ‘lazy day’ outfits, head to toe! Hope you enjoy the video and gallery!

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