Yoli Rapp walking the dogs


Who is Yoli Rapp?

I’ve been told I am a type A personality. I’ve been referred to as tough, yet compassionate. What I know is that I am passionate and inquisitive. I am a no-bullshit native New Yorker, a wife, mother of two well-behaved pomeranians (NOT), a fashion designer, owner of my online boutique called Yoli Rapp, and the founder and host of The Rapp Report.


What does the Yoli Rapp online boutique offer?

The Yoli Rapp online retail outlet resides on Facebook. It is a culmination of unique boutique items at affordable prices and handcrafted local NYC designer pieces, with limited quantities on a first-come, first-serve basis. Living in NYC, I have access to it all. Why not share it with the world?!


How do folks purchase on the Yoli Rapp FB page?

Flash Sales are held on the Yoli Rapp Facebook page every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm EST. The process is easy peasy! All you need to do is “like” our page and register. Once the item pops up on your timeline, simply comment SOLD underneath the product that you would like to purchase.


What is the Rapp Report?

The Rapp Report offers business tips, advice and insights for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business. I follow the journey, struggles and successes of small business owners who are forging their way in New York City.


What can I expect from The Rapp Report?

The Rapp Report will provide entrepreneurs with concrete examples of how to grow their business without becoming discouraged. Most entrepreneurs (myself included) have made costly mistakes because they just didn’t know any better or because they received bad advice. Each episode will feature an entrepreneur who has found success through various sales channels, ranging from street fairs and holiday markets to pop-ups, trunk shows, trade shows and wholesale, retail, brick and mortar, and e-commerce outlets. I think you get my drift. The candid interviews will focus on the hurdles that they’ve encountered (and overcome) with proven solutions that you can apply to your own business. I guarantee NO B.S.!


What makes me an “expert”?

Ha! I’m far from being an expert, but I have experienced absolutely everything! I, like many other entrepreneurs, have tested several different sales channels and have had my fair share of disappointments. I am aware of the hurdles that you may face and want to share that information with other entrepreneurs, in the hopes that I can make their ride to success a smooth sailing one.